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November 23, 2007

Don Johnson Swanson

We woke early this morning and headed out to visit Robbi's OB. The occasion was her five-month ultrasound, during which we got to observe all sorts of wonderful things. For example, we got to see the feet, both of which were kicking enthusiastically. The arms also made an appearance, as did the spine. The baby was curled in a ball, apparently, so getting a good look at the face was not easy. We did get to see that the thing has lips and a tiny nose, but we were not able to determine whether the child will look like Robbi, for example, or whether its genetic roadmap will include the same rough patch of gawky mid-adolescence through which its father had to slog. In the course of thirty minutes or so, the doctor took us on a tour of every nook and cranny of young Swanson-to-be. He even showed us a cross-section of the developing brain, including the "devil's fork" that indicates strong development in the frontal lobe. We saw its tiny bladder, which was full of liquid, a sign that the fetus has been swallowing amniotic fluid, something that fetuses of 21 weeks are supposed to be doing. Its tiny liver was evident, as were all four valves of its tiny heart. We even got to see the cord of muscle that keeps one of the heart valves from opening the wrong way.

The only part of the child we did not see was the "groinal region." I had wondered if, in the heat of the moment, we would crumble and demand to know the gender of the child. But we did not. The mystery persists. The speculation continues.

The doctor took lots of pictures, but we were only given one to bring home. Here he/she is.

If you can decipher the above, you are a better interpreter of prenatal architecture than are we. The doctor did explain what was going on in this picture, but we both seem to have forgotten. I'm fairly certain that there is at least one arm pictured, and maybe two, and that the bulbous knob featured to the right of the frame is my young child's head.

Perhaps this glimpse will provide fodder for those who seem bent on naming this child. Know this: the high bid for naming rights stands at $400. And although I will not reveal what sum will make you a winner, I can say that the reserve has not yet been met.

Posted by bogenamp at November 23, 2007 04:19 PM