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November 17, 2007

My Mother-in-Law is a Rock Star

Last night we drove to the Academy Arts Museum in Easton for the shwanky "members-only" party that marked the opening of Seiko's show.

Robbi was really excited to be there.

Immediately upon arrival, we could see that Seiko has reached the big time.

The show was stunning.

The containers Seiko chose to include demonstrate the wide range of her work.

She introduced some new forms.

Some new ideas.

And some wisdom.

My favorite piece is this massive, multi-piece construction meant to suggest a cloud.

Many friends were on hand.

Including Maiko, who will be performing a tea ceremony next week at the museum.

And Rima, proud Idiots'Books subscriber.

Donald and Ann, The parents of Iggy's boyfriend Tanker were there. Donald and I practiced being wise and sophisticated, something that comes naturally to neither of us.

Robbi and Ann practiced being sexy ladies, which both of them do with a comfortable ease.

In addition to the beautiful containers, the variety of plant material was something to behold.

There was a real live banana flower, for example.

And a King Protea.

And one of those, you know, little green balls in a cluster plants. I love those.

The crowd was huge and appreciative, and Seiko was a huge star. The best part of the evening was how much fun she clearly had.

If you live within driving distance of Easton, and if you have the time, I strongly encourage you to check out the exhibition. It is beautiful and unique, just like my mother-in-law.

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