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February 26, 2008

Our New Brest Friend

Our friends Courtney and Scott had a baby about seven weeks ago. His name is David, and I must admit that he is a rather cute little thing.

Anyone who feels so inclined may view photos of the many aspects of David on the family blog.

Now, Courtney has spent the last few months in almost total focus on being a mom. She has read the books, she has done the research, and now she is an expert on the various tools and components of parenting. And so we were delighted when she presented us with a gift the other day, complete with assurances that it was the most crucial, helpful, indispensable item available to the newly-appointed mother.

We opened the gift with great anticipation and discovered...

My Brest Friend

For those of you who do not know about My Brest Friend (and friends, until just the other day, I counted myself among you), My Brest Friend is a carefully-considered donut of firm, supportive foam rubber ensconced in a soft-yet-washable casing that may be strapped tightly around the midsection of the mother to provide a comfortable, reliable, broad, and convenient platform for the act of feeding.

Robbi was inspired and somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of it.

It did not take her long to discover that My Brest Friend isn't really designed for use by 8-month-pregnant ladies.

Very disappointed but resigned to the reality that we'd have to wait to properly enjoy the new Friendship, we contemplated putting My Brest Friend back on the high shelf with all the other currently dormant baby stuff. But then we had a better idea.

"Iggy's not eight months pregnant," I said.

"Wow, this is more fun than I've had since the day we shopped for the breast pump at Target," said Robbi.

"Yeah, that was great, but this is better," I said. "Do you think that Iggy is having as much fun as we are?" I asked.

Eventually we concluded that she probably wasn't, but we chalked the whole experience up to a teachable moment. Iggy has grown all too accustomed to being the baby around here, pampered and indulged.

We're trying to prepare her for the fact that things are going to change.

But, so far at least, she doesn't seem to understand.

Man's best friend, meet Mom's brest friend. Updates to come on how this all pans out.

Posted by bogenamp at February 26, 2008 01:20 AM