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June 20, 2008

Alden and Iris

We drove in to Baltimore on Wednesday, I to work and Robbi to participate in a long-anticipated baby summit. You may remember that when Robbi, Alden, and I visited Christian, Emily, and Iris in the hospital when Iris was not yet one day old, Alden was barred from entering the maternity wing. It has taken about a month to convince her to drop the grudge.

I was not present for the baby gam, but Robbi was good enough to document the proceedings.

The difference in ages is writ bold in the size of their heads.


They had surprisingly little to say to one another.


But the moms had fun, from the look of things.


On the way home, we stopped for a visit with the Democratic Family Westbrook. Matt and Alden shared a moment.


Then Barbara and Jennifer had a turn.


Kira Westbrook was not present when the photo above was taken on account of her just having been thoroughly vomited on. It's Alden's new favorite trick, returning half of each meal to the world. I suppose I should be pleased to have such a selfless and generous child. But Kira Westbrook's shirt will need a good wash.

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