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June 11, 2008

Beach Baby

We spent the past weekend in New York City at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art festival. I would love to write about our experiences there but, unfortunately, cannot. I cannot because we forgot to bring our camera and so there are no pictures of the many exciting happenings. I cannot because I know that, without photos to look at, the Barnstorming is of no use to you. I have a solution to this problem, but it will take some doing, so today I'll talk about our trip to Dewy Beach, which was amply photographed and can, therefore, be shared.

Dad and Judy came to visit. They claimed to be visiting us, but they were actually visiting Alden. We can accept this. The five of us headed for the beach for the post-wedding celebration of some old friends.


Almost immediately, Alden demanded to be taken into the water. In spite of her having no swimming suit other than the one she was born in.


There is an outstanding movie of Alden's first moments in the ocean. It contains outstanding footage of her tiny feet recoiling upon contact with the chilly water followed quickly by outrage as an unexpected explosion of surf douses her from crown to rump. I'd show this movie except for the fact that 1) I don't know how to post a movie to the blog and 2) our friend Veronica, who is a pediatric social worker, might use it as leverage to remove the child from our custody.

Instead I'll show this photo of the aftermath. Alden has been dried and soothed but is still none too happy with the situation.


It took long minutes of lounging in the sun with mom to get her back to her happy place.


The rest of our time at the beach was spent in other forms of slothful indulgence.

We ate a lot of potato chips.


We ate crabs on the roof deck as the sun set.


Mostly, Robbi ate the crabs.


While I love how crabs taste, I hate getting my fingers sticky. Yes, I know that this is a lame-o trait. I've always been this way.

Grandpa John worked hard to reconcile with Alden in the wake of the unpleasant baby-dousing incident.


His attempts to appease Alden by lifting her high into the air were only marginally successful.


But he managed to earn her forgiveness by introducing her to the pleasures of the hot tub.


It put her in the mood for a nap.


Which put me in the mood for a nap.


In spite of not being much of a fan of beaches, I had a fine time. I think there are many otherwise unpleasant experiences that can be redeemed in the presence of a tiny child. Perhaps I will keep her near when we do next year's taxes.

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