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June 01, 2008

Of Late

We have had a busy week. Our friends (and newlyweds) Lauren and Brian came to visit.

They communed happily with the baby.



But were mum on whether such a thing was to be part of their short term forecast.

Robbi painted the windows on the outside of our workroom.


I'm not sure what to say other than that the girl looks sharp in a fishing hat.


We took in the sunset with our friends Josh and Lea on the banks of the Chester River.


Josh (author of celebrated Lincoln biography Lincoln's Melancholy) spent most of the time bragging about his speedy typing, and when we failed to be impressed, demonstrated his mad skills "air typewriter" style.


Josh and Lea made some delicious tostadas.


I'll put up with a guy who brags on his typing if the payoff comes loaded with guacamole.


We spent most of the weekend frantically making books for next weekend's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts festival, in which we are participating.


We took an inventory of our current stock of books and realized that we are up to twenty titles in the Idiots'Books oeuvre (though the two most recent have not yet been added to the link I just sent you to). Which means that we had a lot of printing, cutting, scoring, stapling, etc., etc,. to do to get ready for the show.


Now that we are constantly in the company of a small child, making books is an even more acrobatic activity than it was before.


Contrary to what it looks like in the picture above, I am not, in fact, squashing my child with my foot. I am, in fact, gently bouncing her with the incredible Baby Bjorn bouncer, the single most invaluable piece of baby gear we own, gift from Alden's favorite Uncle Davey.

At one point, Robbi took a break to dance with Alden to the song Mushaboom, which is a nice song by Feist, if you don't know it.

At another point, I took a break to run with Iggy. When I came back, still drenched with sweat, I wondered if it was my turn to dance with Alden.


Alden didn't think so.


Already a mamma's girl, she much preferred to play supergirl with Robbi.


This baby is turning into an energetic little thing. She moves her arms wildly up and down with a kind of jarring rhythm, as if she longs to be a drummer as soon as she has the power to control her tiny limbs. She also kicks like she intends to do harm. I wonder about her motives.

But everything in motion comes to rest in the end, like this weekend and this day. And all little girls fall asleep eventually.


Tomorrow is already threatening. Many more books to make when the sun comes up.

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