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August 17, 2009

Lake George

A week ago today we filled our car with far more vacation-related items than we actually needed and headed off for Silver Bay, NY, a lovely blip that is not even really a town on the Western banks of Lake George.


Silver Bay is an old camp complex (think Dirty Dancing) where families come to escape from the city or suburbs in the summer. There is shuffleboard and a craft room and a yearly musical and various places to swim.

Robbi's grandfather built a cottage on the hills above the camp complex decades ago, and the family has been making regular pilgrimages ever since.


I've previously chronicled several of our past trips to Lake George, including the one last summer when we wound up stumbling upon a war in progress and the one the summer before, during which Robbi and I discovered a previously unknown island.

This year's visit centered squarely around the child (as will all other visits in the foreseeable future, I suspect), and so I did a poor job of photographing any non-Alden-related elements of our sojourn.

As evidenced by the following. (I have the sense that most of you will not complain.)

We took Alden swimming at Oneida Bay. She dragged this little inflatable thing out of the boathouse.


It succeeded in keeping her from sinking to the bottom of the lake.


Later, she sunbathed. With attitude.


We took her hiking up the mountain behind our cottage to Jabe's pond.


Once we got there, she stomped around in the pond like she owned the place.


At the end of her long day, she ate a lot of rigatoni.


We were in Silver Bay for four days, but really didn't take many pictures. Perhaps we were too busy relaxing? I can't say. Not photographed but heartily enjoyed was time spent playing shuffleboard, reading, and sleeping.

On Friday morning, we left Silver Bay and drove east to my mom's house in Andover, Massachusetts. My sister Lindsay (along with her husband and child) was visiting from Portland, Oregon.

In order to get from Silver Bay to Andover, we had to cross Lake George. Luckily, there is a ferry just north of Ticonderoga. As the seven-minute journey across the lake began, we carefully read the signage.


Alas, we did not heed it.


On our way across Vermont, we stopped in the charming town of Woodstock, where Alden dragged us into a high-end toy store and tried as hard as she could to convince us that it was her birthday.


After a beautiful drive through the heart of New England, we arrived in Andover, where I was reunited with my favorite nephew, Orin.


And Alden was reunited with her grandma.


The cousins were inseparable the entire time we were there.

They ate together.


They ran around the yard together eating popsicles.


Together, they enjoyed the pleasing sounds and textures of the garish plastic playtable.


They slid together.


The swung together.


They tried their best to share a cousinly kiss (Alden's aim was a little off).


At the end of a long day of having fun, they even nodded off entwined.


It was a very nice vacation. We are already nostalgic, especially Alden, who misses her grandma.


Of course, I also miss my mother, as a son tends to do. But right now, mostly I'm missing that beautiful lake and the days we recently spent lazing on its shady banks.


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