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November 22, 2009

Art for Breakfast

This morning Matthew cooked up some apple pancakes for breakfast. I was happily munching away when I heard a gasp over at the stovetop. I rushed over to tend to the inevitable wound/burn/broken glass/disfigurement that generally occurs when Matthew is involved with anything.

This is what he gestured to, breathlessly:


I have to say, I was both unimpressed and relieved. No broken glass? No freely flowing blood? It looked like the pancake-making was actually going remarkably well. Then Matthew grasped my arm, and said, "Look! Look at the one on the right! It looks just like that drawing you did, of the fat guy, with the baggy eyes, and the droopy nose!" I have to say, this didn't really narrow things down. "The guy with the money and the accounting paper glued on it, you know."

Oh. Right.

And, wow, it kind of did.

moneybags_pancake.jpg moneybagscolor.jpg

He didn't get the nose quite right, and I probably could have mentioned how his application of color left something to be desired, but all told, I think he did a decent job, given the materials at hand and the entirely inadvertent nature of its creation. It's not every day you get to eat art for breakfast. And even rarer that it's so delicious. Nice work, Matthew, nice work.

Posted by ribbu at November 22, 2009 08:31 PM