October 19, 2009

Pictures and Words

One of the blogs I frequent (this is Robbi again, btw) recently posted a collection of sketches by Van Gogh paired with excerpts from the letters he sent accompanying the sketches. I've always loved looking at sketches because you can track the process of the artist pulling together what he sees in a much more immediate way than you are usually able to see in a finished work. I remember visiting a museum once with a (non-artist) friend and getting all excited about an unfinished painting, because some of the pencil marks and underpainting were visible in one corner. She, on the other hand, was exasperated that the museum had the nerve to frame and hang a painting that the artist hadn't even finished. I'm kind of a fan of process, I guess. I find this to be true in life as well - the biggest difference between me and Matthew is that he is ultimately very goal oriented (let's get there in 8 hours if it says it takes 8 hours!) and I'm more process oriented (let's take the scenic route and stop at every farm stand to buy fruit we can't possibly finish before it rots!)*. Anyway - this entry is a real treat into seeing not only what Van Gogh was sketching, but what he was thinking about at the time. If you're at all interested in process, please have a look. It's extensive and well worth the time.

And because I know you like pictures, here's my version of Van Gogh's room at Arles to compare with his:


* it should be noted, however, that Matthew's goal-orientedness is what keeps us in business, instead of eating chocolates in bed all day.

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August 24, 2009

Best Free Gift Ever

This morning I decided to clean out the car. After a couple major road trips and some car camping, we had successfully gotten it so filthy that a colony of ants had moved into the rear storage compartment. It was as if we had been eating all of our meals in there since the beginning of time. And so - it was finally time to clean.

In my efforts to eradicate the ant colony, I found lots of things that had been missing for a long time. Alden found an old cookie, and saved it from the ants. I'm not sure if I should have let it happen, but oh well - she is bigger than they are.

However, the most important thing I found was a leaflet advertising an incredible offer. I can't believe someone just tossed it under the seat! (It was clearly Matthew, as I am all about free gifts). There didn't appear to be any shipping and handling fees or hidden costs, which are usually what make Matthew throw these things away.


I can't wait to get it.

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November 09, 2006

Two Bricks Short

Well, hello everyone. I haven't been much of a contributer of late, since matthew has gone hog-wild on the updating at all hours of the night. My so-called ramblings have been limited to the other site, which isn't quite as maniacally updated. I just wanted to check in to let you all know that yes, I still do live in the barn.

Also, I discovered that we are well on our way to becoming Scientologists. I got some "literature" in the mail today, looked it over, and discovered that our new life here is just two bricks short of L. Ron Hubbard. Check it out:

All we have to do now is have some babies and brainwash them into being "happy, productive and motivated" (oy, I can already tell I won't like them) and we'll be full-blown!

That whole silent birth thing is really all that's holding me back.

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April 15, 2006

Something New at Subway

Friday morning Bob was fired up to pug clay. Perhaps it was the early hour, but I made an ungracious comment, something like, "Oh god, not more pugging." I recovered, expressed my eagerness/willingness to pug, and off we headed for the barn. Then, as if sent from on high, the oven delivery man arrived with the new oven and discovered that an ambigious squirrel had been stockpiling peanuts behind the old oven. The situation required Bob's attention, and so our pugging was delayed. For a while.

So Robbi and I cleaned the barn, spending most of the morning removing old nails from old boards. Suddenly it was nearly 2:00 and my need for food was clear. We headed for Subway. At Subway we got subs. Robbi went through the line first and was not asked if she wanted her sub to be toasted. I went through second and was asked. Of course I said yes. Who does not want his sub toasted? Robbi was angry. A misplaced anger, directed at me instead of at the clerk who did not offer.

As we were leaving the Subway, Robbi saw THIS attached to one of the outside windows:

We are offering a prize, a toasted footlong sub prepared by a Subway sandwich artist, to anyone who can correctly identify this incredible creature. Something tells me that it is the missing link that entomologists have been trying to locate for generations. Perhaps we should have put it in a box and taken it to the Smithsonian. But it was so beautiful and bewildered-looking, clinging to the outside of the Subway. Or perhaps it's a rather normal sort of insect and I'm the sucker. But maybe not.

The prize is real. The catch: the winner must redeem it at the Chestertown Subway.

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