May 21, 2006

Project: Sell This House

Well, it seems that the Christian did teach Ruby a thing or two about spackling. She spackled like there was no tomorrow. Even places that didn't seem to need spackling.

However, when we asked her to please sand down all the stuff she had spackled, she crumbled. "Sandpaper is rough, and gives me the heebie-jeebies," she whined.

Useless. The girl has absolutely no follow through. Seriously - next time I get a dog to do contract work for me, I'm going to get a purebred.

So, this weekend we had to get to cleaning in earnest. Our open house for realtors is on June 7, and we've got a lot of crap to get out of here (and it's not just the ever-multiplying dustbunnies, either). We decided to finally take down the remaining wallpaper trim that was in the kitchen - this horrible brown and maroon fruit business that I guess was supposed to remind you that you were in a kitchen. While taking down the wallpaper trim, we discovered MORE wallpaper trim beneath - this even more hideous. Or cute, you know, if you like countrified ducks and bunnies and whatever.

The funny thing is (our powers of deductive reasoning tell us) - we think the people who lived in the house before us probably put the horrible fruity trim up just before selling the house to us (thinking it was an improvement on the bunnies and ducks). The wife was all into crafts and bunnies (we used to have bunnies living in the basement, apparently, which is maybe why for a while the cats felt free to pee there with abandon when they were pissed at us for getting Iggy) and there was a general bunny motif going on throughout the house. So, I guess they were the bunnies, we are the fruits.

We also finally painted the kitchen. This yummy yummy creamy yellow that looked like butter cream frosting and I nearly drank right out of the paint can it looked so delicious. Of course, once the whole room was painted, you couldn't even tell it was yellow. It just looked white again. Oh well. It seemed to warm the place up a bit, even if you aren't standing behind a stove.

Matthew, in true form, managed to injure himself in a number of ways:
1. smash finger in sliding door of bookcase we are throwing away.
2. smash other finger in doorway while moving furniture.
3. smash other finger being generally frenetic.
4. pinch arm while walking.
5. get arm stuck on screen door handle.
6. get poked in the eye by a plant:


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